Coach Message

If you want MORE for yourself, your family, your business, please reach out and let’s explore together how I can help you achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible.

FocalPoint's proven strategies are designed to be adaptable to virtually any business. My niche - the business segment in which I have a wealth of experience - is in the science and technology sector. As a PhD scientist, I understand the unique strengths of scientists and technology innovators. I also know that we often have some gaps in our business training!

I provide coaching both one-on-one and in small groups. I have a suite of professional training materials and workshops developed in the areas of sales, teams, strategic planning, time management, goal setting, leadership and more.

Reach out to me and LET'S GET STARTED!

What is Business Coaching, and Is It Right For You?

Business Coaching - not Life Coaching, not Executive Coaching - focuses on you, your team, and your goals in business and in life. A business coach knows that for a business owner, your life and your company are pretty much inseparable. You can't change one without impacting the other.

Coaching & Training is not for everyone. Although FocalPoint Coaches & Trainers offer proven solutions for any business in the multifaceted areas of Time, Team, Money and Strategy; what we know to be true is it takes a special person, team or business to be coachable. We start with you to gain clarity around your business.


If you are business owner, corporate executive or passionate professional who is not satisfied with the status quo and WILLING TO IMPROVE, a Certified FocalPoint Coach like myself, can help you realize a new level of business success. Using the globally proven FocalPoint performance strategies, I will help you discover new ways of approaching business issues, move past obstacles and accelerate your personal and business growth.